Medical Institute of Palm Beach

About the Client

The Medical Institute of Palm Beach sets out to provide quality education to students seeking careers in medically related fields such as medical assistant, pharmacy technician, and massage therapy. In an effort to fulfill the needs of these professions, MIPB trains experts in their chosen path. The school is constantly updating its curricula and recognizing its obligation to the students and the profession they serve.

My Contribution

Lead generation is the name of the game. When the Director of Admissions and I put our heads together, we were able to increase the total monthly leads by 4X while reducing the total monthly advertising budget. Since I am huge fan of making my client's life as convenient as possible, automated scripts were installed so all leads populated into one single Sheet. This reduces wait times for incoming students, which is very important for MIPB.


Daniel Prada

Lead Software Engineer

Jay is accountable, actionable, and independent. It's always refreshing to work alongside a person who prevents tasks from slipping through the cracks and genuinely cares to build great products.

William Perry

Business Owner

Jay was constantly bringing new ideas and solutions to the table. He is proactive, disciplined, accountable, and responsible. He is the ideal team player when he needs to be and shows great leadership for both himself and others.

Michelle Lim

Code for Denver Officer

Week to week, he has continued to build our online presence and help us develop a sustainable marketing strategy. In addition to CFD, he has donated his time and skills to nonprofits such as Girls in STEM Denver.

Willie Velazquez

Operations Manager

Jay understands problems quickly, does great research, and offers creative solutions. He is definitely an asset to any team.

Mark Bookstein

Business Owner

Very creative. He is truly a talented individual and I would recommend working with him to anyone.

Anthony Massaro

Director of Admissions

A friendly, professional marketer that understands end results matters most. Helped grow lead generation 5X from what it was before he joined the team.