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Bespoke development and photography from a buddy.

Hello, I'm Jay.

I am the owner founder of Buddy Agency, an association of freelance designers, developers, marketers, and creators. Even though I would label myself a self-learner, I have two Bachelor's in Economics and Radio/Television Production and a Master's in Computer Information Systems from the University of Central Florida and the Florida Institute of Technology, respectively.

Eye-catching animation and design from a pro.

Hello, I'm Emilio.

I'm a firm believer that we all have a story to share. Whether you are opening your first business, rebranding, expanding into a new market, or working non-profit, I am here to help you tell your story. I have over 5+ years of experience in commercial graphic design and product design.


Daniel Prada

Lead Engineer at LaMusica

Jay is accountable, actionable, and independent. It's always refreshing to work alongside a person who prevents tasks from slipping through the cracks and genuinely cares to build great products.

William Perry

Owner of Reason Agency

Jay was constantly bringing new ideas and solutions to the table. He is proactive, disciplined, accountable, and responsible. He is the ideal team player when he needs to be and shows great leadership for both himself and others.

Michelle Lim

Code for Denver Officer

Week to week, he has continued to build our online presence and help us develop a sustainable marketing strategy. In addition to CFD, he has donated his time and skills to nonprofits such as Girls in STEM Denver.

Willie Velazquez

Manager at Pool Builders Inc.

Jay understands problems quickly, does great research, and offers creative solutions. He is definitely an asset to any team.

Mark Bookstein

Owner of Title Guaranty

Very creative. He is truly a talented individual and I would recommend working with him to anyone. I wish I would have chosen him first.

Anthony Massaro

Admissions Director at MIPB

A friendly, professional marketer that understands end results matters most. Helped grow lead generation 5X from what it was before he joined the team.

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